Installed Systems Videos

Automatic extrusion cutter with auto loader.

This machine was designed for cutting custom aluminum extrusion profiles. It is intended to cut parts continously with minimal human intervention.

Automatic tapped strip cutting machine.

This is a fully customized tapped strip cutting machine with a magazine to house upto 100 full length tapped strips which will feed into the indexing table automatically, and cut to length to specific size by a 4 ton pneumatic hydraulic press. The machine can do unmanned operation with one single full load to the magazine and a set batch quantity of tapped strips to cut. The tapped strip is normally use for securing panels or backplane boards into an electronic enclosures.

Tapstrip cutting machine

This cutting machine is capable of cutting insulation strips upto 17″ long at a rate of 4 seconds per piece. Insulation tap strips are commonly use to isolate backplanes from conductive materials such as aluminum extrusions in electronic enclosures.