Jesse Brewer Principal EP Environmental

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Since coming to E-P Environmental Jesse has spent much of his time studying aqueous cleaning applications and inside facility air contamination issues. He can assist your company with it’s cleaning needs and air quality needs by matching the right equipment to your specific application. After completing a successful internship, Jesse joined Paul’s sales consultant force. Jesse grew up in San Jose and the DFW Metroplex.

Due to Paul’s passing Jesse has taken over management of E-P Environmental.

Paul Berens

Paul graduated from Bowling Green University in 1959. He served his country as an Air Force pilot flying KC135 tankers. Paul has been active in the computer industry working for such companies as Friden, Qantel and Wollongong. Most of his career has been in sales and sales management. In many cases he was the Vice President of sales.

Paul recognized that more and more emphasis was being placed by companies in conserving resources and improving the environment. He founded EP Environmental to provide waste reduction solutions to help companies reduce costs while improving the environment.

April 25, 2000. Paul passes away in Los Angeles. We will surely miss him. Click here to review the obituary published in the San Francisco Chronicle.